Device and phone with bluetooth symbol
Bluetooth Enabled
This high-tech pepper spray will connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth. When the device is activated, all selected contacts will be notified of the situation and live tracking.
Picture of the app
SmartMaceTM connects to the Portal mobile app, there the user will add their emergency contacts and create a personal profile. Includes free self defense and situational awareness videos taught by professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors.

The recipients do not need to have the App, rather the message and location will be sent via SMS text message across all platforms.
Noonlight, an emergency monitoring company, will assess the situation and connect the user with local authorities. Noonlight is connected with first responders nationwide and has over a decade of professional experience.
Neither our system nor Noonlight’s will have constant access to the user’s location. Only when the pepper spray is deployed will our system create a generated link that will time out after 2 hours.